Jerry Johnson Construction
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Manchester, MO 63011
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Roofing is our specialty! We don't mess around when it comes to what we do best. Though completely capable of any repair job, JJC does roofs the best! We build, on average, 200 roofs per year! Our record for "roof off" to "roof on" is 7 hours! And that even includes clean up.

We roof per the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) guidelines. We strip off the old shingles and make sure debris distribution is minimal. We check for any bad decking and chimney and exhaust flashing. We also use felt, ice and water shield (if code), re-roof to code using 4 nails per shingle. For upgrade shingles, we use 6 nails per shingle.

Expect a bit of a mess...

Expect a bit of a mess no matter which contractor you choose. The unique thing about us is that we make every effort to keep the mess to a minimum. That's us. We have a definite routine, and each one of our workers knows that we pride ourselves, not only on our clean up after the job is done, but on limiting the amount of clean up necessary. We take the shingles off and discard them in a trailer that we back up next to your garage. We cover your garage with a large blue tarp so that every piece of shingle (and we try to get all of them!) goes right into the trailer.

Please see the various types of roofing shingles in the slideshow below:

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